• Rithimic Series

    Rithimic Series is designed and inspired by Jeff Berlin, created by Cort. Jeff Berlin is known as one of the greatest bass players in the world and is also considered one of the finest clinicians in music.

  • Artisan Series

    Designed for serious bass players who require premium looks, sound, playability and features, the Artisan Series basses offer world-class materials, workmanship and high-end components such as Bartolini pickups and Hipshot hardware.

  • GB Series

    The GB Series basses are for the modern players with a leaning towards the traditional look and feel but with modern appointments and features that improve the overall performance of the instrument.

  • Action Series

    This affordable bass series benefits from our many decades of building quality basses and our pursuit of improvement.

  • Arona Series

    Developed in collaboration with German bass builder, Sandberg guitars, the Arona captures the very essence of European style. The Arona models feature bodies made of either swamp ash or alder depending on the finish, and are available in both 4 and 5 string models. The Arona basses also feature the new Desonic by Delano pickup system. These are the perfect basses for players that prefer simplicity and practicality.