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Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series

April 28, 2016

Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series

Guatemalan rock guitar virtuoso and Cort artist Hedras Ramos and Cort have collaborated on a series of instructional videos aimed at the Spanish-speaking market of high-energy rock guitar players. Hedras is an instrumental rock guitarist with some of the most wicked chops around and he will share his formidable knowledge and techniques on his Cort X-Series guitars. Hedras participated in UK’s Guitar Idol contest in 2009 and finished second – a most promising beginning of a great new talent.


Currently, with the goal of expanding the awareness and growth of electric guitar music in Latin America, Hedras is operating the Guitar Institute of Guatemala. Hedras’ friendly and personable style coupled with his proficient teaching skills make this video series a must for Spanish-speaking players throughout the world.


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