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Cort Bass Artist Lorenzo Feliciati

October 30, 2015

Cort Bass Artist Lorenzo Feliciati

Cort Guitars is excited and proud to announce Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati as an endorsing artist. One of the busiest and most versatile bassists in the music scene, Feliciati is known for his work with Tiromancino, Niccolo Fabi, Pat Mastelotto , Roy Powell, Colin Edwin and many other illustrious musicians. Compared to the greats like Victor Bailey, Percy Jones, Jaco Pastorius Gary Willis and Jeff Berlin, Feliciati combines stunning virtuosity with rock-solid groove and deep bottom-end tone to distinguish himself as a great bassist in his own right.

More than just a bass virtuoso, Feliciati is complete musician who’s also a top-flight composer and bandleader working with some of the biggest names in the fusion, progressive, world fusion and rock genres such as Bob Mintzer (The Yellowjackets), Pat Mastellatto (King Crimson), Cuong Vu (Pat Metheny Group), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and many others. Influenced in his early years by Led Zeppelin, it was Jaco Pastorius who had the most profound impact when Feliciati was only 14 attending a Weather Report concert in 1982. This changed Feliciati’s life and set him on a journey to become a great bassist and all-around musician that he is today.

Currently, Feliciati plays the Cort Rithimic and Rithimic V basses and is working with Cort to develop more new basses in the future. Feliciati’s demanding virtuosic style requires basses with the top flight materials, the very best components and world class workmanship and Cort is proud to work with a musician of Feliciati’s caliber. Look for continuing developments in this exciting working relationship between Cort Guitars and Lorenzo Feliciati for many years to come. The results are bound to cause a deep rumble in the bass community!